Mercedes Automotive Innovation Comes to Cycling

Mercedes Automotive Innovation Comes to Cycling

Mercedes-AMG F1 electric bikes are built to let cyclists ride like they drive, thanks to both cutting-edge technology and distinctly Mercedes-AMG F1 looks rendered in hydro-formed aluminum that turns heads and catches eyes. 

The handlebar on Rallye and Track features an integrated, automotive-inspired 5.5” display that brings Mercedes-AMG F1 looks, feel, and design to both models. The display shows essential vehicle information including battery level, mode, speed, distance, and other data. The handlebar also contains a cleanly integrated headlight that shows riders the way and ensures that they’re always visible.

Integrated LED Lighting System

A high-performance driving experience also means thinking of the driver’s safety, to ensure that the cars can be confidently pushed right to the limit of performance. 

To bring this same ethos of performance and safety to electric bikes, the Rallye and Track have an integrated lighting system incorporated into the handlebar. While many bikes require riders to add lights as accessories, Mercedes-AMG F1 riders have lights at the ready for rides at any time of day. The lighting system blends seamlessly into the handlebar, just as it would into a Mercedes’ grille.

The lighting system puts out 500 Lumens that can light even dark, forested roads for safe and fun night riding.

The bike’s central control panel lets riders operate the lighting system without reaching far from the grips. Unlike traditional, third-party bike lighting systems that strap onto a handlebar and require a dedicated power source, this one draws power directly from the bike’s main battery, giving riders the same convenience they’d expect if they were getting behind the wheel to drive. 

One Piece Bar and Stem

While most electric bikes sacrifice appearances and front-end stiffness – and handling – by using a traditional handlebar and stem, the Mercedes-AMG F1 Rallye and Track use a sculpted one-piece system to optimize control.

Like an Mercedes-AMG F1 steering wheel, the bikes’ one-piece handlebars and stem puts the most important controls in the rider’s hands. With their hands on the grips, riders get a solid connection to the bike, creating instantaneous control and confident handling that lets riders unleash the motor’s full 750W on any road, so that riders can truly ride like they drive.